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In a Colour Consultation, I provide professional advice and guidance to clients on the use of colour in their space.  I take into account each client's individual tastes, lifestyle and environment in order to determine the best hues for your particular area.  Colour consultations can extend to both commercial and residential spaces, each of which coming with their own unique considerations for palette, textures, fabric and finishes.


The first step of the colour consulting process is to assess the project and it's purpose.  I'll review the room and any special architectural features or challenges.  I take into account the size, angles and exposure of the room as well as whether it is for residential or commercial use.  From there, I'll interview you to determine how the space will be used, the budget and any likes or dislikes you may have.

Once I have all the necessary information, I analyze the space and formulate a design plan that takes into account your desired affect and any constraints the project presents.  This will include selecting the best colour scheme and materials that can be used while considering existing furnishings or finishes in your space.  This plan will also outline the steps necessary to achieve the desired effect such as painting, refinishing and upholstery selections.

Next, I get to work collecting design samples, colour and fabric swatches and photos to demonstrate to you how different colours will look when applied to the space.  As a certified Colour Consultant, I am educated in colour psychology and the different effects colours can produce in a space.  I pay close attention to undertones and lighting conditions and take these into account when making my selections.  I'm up to date on colour trends and carry a complete collection of large scale colour boards to bring to you, in-home, to make accurate selections for your project.

Once we agree on a plan together, design materials are ordered, walls are painted and any furniture with custom upholstery is commissioned.

Colour consultations are not limited to interiors.  The exterior of your house in the "welcome mat" to your home and selections can extend to landscaping projects or any other area where colour plays a role.  I can assist in creating an exterior colour scheme that compliments the interior of your home!


After determining the colour scheme for your new space, you may need help deciding on the furnishings for your space, their layout and finally, finishing touches like artwork, accessories and window treatments.  You may even have a large scale reno that requires full project management!  Check out some of the other services I offer to see how I can assist you further in your next project!

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