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Technical drawings are used to accurately convey the shape, size and proportions of a physical object or space.  These types of drawings are used extensively in building and construction projects as well as interior design.  By providing detailed information about the physical aspect of the project, technical drawings allow designers, contractors and planners to visualize the project and make informed decisions. 



Technical drawings for interior design may include detailed and accurate information on the dimensions and layout of a space, along with existing materials, fixtures, and finishes that will be included in the design.  They also provide information on the location of windows and doors, circulation patters, electrical rough-ins and relevant structural elements.


Renders are digital images created using 3D rendering software.  They're used to give both the designer and client a virtual preview of how a space would look before construction begins.  Rendering allows you to accurately evaluate your ideas and make necessary changes, saving you time and money in the process. 

By using renders we can create a fully immersive experience giving you the chance to explore the

space in 3D.

Moreover, with the advent of virtual reality, renders have become even more powerful tools.  Virtual renders provide the opportunity to move around a space, look up close at details and get a complete 360 degree view of a model.  This is invaluable to interior designers and clients alike, allowing us to create beautiful, accurate models of a space with ease.

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